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VULFI - An LLVM based Fault Injection Framework

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VULFI is an open-source instruction-level fault injection framework developed using LLVM compiler infrastructure. VULFI performs fault injection at LLVM's intermediate representation (IR) level. It currently supports C, C++, ISPC, OpenCL, and MPI-C languages. Note that to target an OpenCL program for fault injection using VULFI, the program should be compiled using Intel's OpenCL Compiler. Conceptually, VULFI can target any high level language which can be compiled to LLVM's intermediate representation. It is our intention to keep VULFI up-to-date supporting the latest LLVM development branch while also maintaining reasonable support for older versions of LLVM.


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When you use VULFI in your research work, please cite our work using below citation information. The paper could be found here.

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The latest doxygen code documentation of VULFI could be found here.

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Refer to the VULFI README file for getting started with VULFI.